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Recognizing the pivotal roles women play as homemakers, wives, mothers, and societal cornerstones, the MBSL introduces the “Sashreeka” Savings Account. This exclusive account aims to enhance the savings habits of Sri Lankan women while providing a myriad of distinctive benefits. Whether you’re a working professional, business owner, self employed, or a devoted homemaker, the “Sashreeka” Savings Account welcomes women from all walks of life.

Sashreeka not only lets you earn attractive interest on your savings but also offers a range of tailored benefits..

• Attractive Interest for females aged 18 and above
• Ability to open account with as little as Rs. 1000/-
• Earn a maximum interest of 5%, calculated daily based on your account balance and credited monthly
• As your savings grow, you stand a chance to win appealing gift s, including MBSL branded mugs, umbrellas, and gift vouchers, based on your account balance.
• Grants you an exclusive passbook and a complimentary ATM card for those open with Rs. 10,000/-

Savings Account Rates

Savings Account Rates
Description Rate
Normal Savings 3.75%
Bonus Savings (25% bonus interest(Interest on Interest) 4.50%
“Achara” Senior Citizen’s Savings 7.00%
“Sashreeka” Women’s Savings 5.00%
Higher Saver Accounts
Description Rate
Account Balance LKR.1,000.00 – LKR.9,999.00 4.25%
Account Balance LKR.10,000.00 – LKR.24,999.00 5.25%
Account Balance LKR.25,000.00 & above 7.00%
Minor’s Savings Account
Description Rate
“Punchi” Minor’s Savings 5.00%
“Punchi Star” Minor’s Savings 6.00%

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