Sashreeka Savings Account: Elevating Women’s Financial Wellness with MBSL’s Unique Benefits

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Sashreeka Savings Account: Elevating Women’s Financial Wellness with MBSL’s Unique Benefits

In our contemporary world, the spotlight on financial stability has never been brighter. Saving money is no longer merely a wise decision; it’s a transformative choice that influences not only your loved ones but also contributes positively to society at large.

A Tailored Savings Approach for Women

Recognizing the pivotal roles women play as homemakers, wives, mothers, and societal cornerstones, the Merchant Bank of Sri Lanka and Finance PLC introduces the “Sashreeka” Savings Account. This exclusive account aims to enhance the savings habits of Sri Lankan women while providing a myriad of distinctive benefits.

Whether you’re a working professional, business owner, self-employed, or a devoted homemaker, the “Sashreeka” Savings Account welcomes women from all walks of life. This account not only lets you earn attractive interest on your savings but also offers a range of unique benefits tailored just for you.

Attractive Interest and More with Sashreeka

For women aged 18 and above, starting a “Sashreeka” account with as little as Rs. 1000/- is your gateway to financial empowerment. Earn a maximum interest of 5.25%, calculated daily based on your account balance and credited monthly. As your savings grow, you stand a chance to win appealing gifts, including MBSL branded mugs, umbrellas, and gift vouchers, based on your account balance.

Exclusive Perks for Sashreeka Members

Opening a “Sashreeka” account grants you an exclusive passbook, while starting with Rs. 10,000/- also provides a complimentary ATM card. This card not only enhances accessibility but allows transactions across all VISA enabled ATMs nationwide.

Strength Through Affiliation

MBSL’s affiliation as a subsidiary of the Bank of Ceylon reinforces the strength and accessibility of your savings. With 41 years of continuous service, MBSL has weathered economic shifts, earning your trust with a stable BBB+ LRA Rating.

Empowering Women for 41 Years

MBSL’s 41-year journey signifies unwavering commitment in Sri Lanka’s financial sector. With a BBB+ (Stable) LRA Rating, MBSL stands as a symbol of financial stability, ensuring the security of your investments.

Women’s Role in National Development

Recognizing the impact of intelligent women on future generations, MBSL emphasizes the role of women in passing on the vital lesson of saving. Your financial strength, as a woman, not only aids your home and society but also strengthens your personal resilience.

Join Sashreeka: A Gateway to Holistic Benefits

Your savings today are an investment in your loved ones, the country’s economy, and your future. Beyond these advantages, holding a balance in MBSL’s “Sashreeka” brings unparalleled interest on your investment and exciting gifts. MBSL invites Sri Lankan women not only to save but to become winners with “Sashreeka.” For more details, visit your nearest MBSL branch or call 011 4 711 711.