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Achara – Senior Citizen’s Savings Account

MBSL Achara is a Savings Account introduced recenltly, specially bestowed as a signal honour by us on the senior citizen residents of Sri Lanka.

Why Choose us?
• MBSL has emerged as one of the top 100 brands in Sri Lanka’s Financial Services Industry since 1982.
• The only financial subsidiary of Bank of Ceylon.
• Additional interest rates for senior citizens.

• A safe place to deposit your hard earned funds.
• Higher interest rate of 9% (A.E.R. 9.38%) for your savings.
• Personalized professional and priority service at the banking network.
• Free standing order facilities within MBSL.
• Island wide branch network for your convenience.
• Unlimited amount of withdrawals for the same interest rate.

Eligibility Requirements:
• Citizens who are aged 55 years and above are able to open this account individually or jointly.
• A copy of the valid National Identity Card or Passport.
• An opening deposit of Rs. 1,000/-.

Savings Account Rates(as at 24th November 2023)

Savings Account Rates
Description Rate
Normal Savings 4.00%
Bonus Savings (25% bonus interest (Interest on Interest)) 5.00%
“Achara” Senior Citizen’s Savings 9.00%
“Sashreeka” Women’s Savings 5.25%
Higher Saver Accounts
Description Rate
Account Balance LKR. 1,000.00 – LKR.9,999.00 4.50%
Account Balance LKR.1,0000.00 – LKR.2,4999.00 5.50%
Account Balance LKR.2,5000.00 & above 9.00%
Minor’s Savings Account
Description Rate
“Punchi” Minor’s Savings 5.00%
“Punchi Star” Minor’s Savings 6.00%

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