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MBSL having over 4 decades of expertise in the financial sector, and a name synonymous with excellent service to its customers, MBSL now introduces to you the “MBSL Bonus savings account”. In addition to the interest payable for the normal savings interest, an additional monthly bonus interest of 25% will be added on your savings.

Why Choose us?
• MBSL has emerged as one of the top 10 brands in Sri Lanka’s Financial Services Industry since 1982.
• The only financial subsidiary of Bank of Ceylon.

• When your account reaches Rs. 10,000/-, you will receive a bonus interest of 25% on your savings.
• A safe place to deposit your hard earned funds
• Higher interest rate for your savings
• Personalized professional service
• Free standing order facilities within MBSL
• Island wide branch network for your convinience.

Eligibility Requirements:
• Citizens who are aged 18 years and above are able to open this account individually or jointly
• A copy of the valid National Identity Card or Passport
An opening deposit of Rs. 500/-

Savings Account Rates(as at 24th November 2023)

Savings Account Rates
Description Rate
Normal Savings 4.00%
Bonus Savings (25% bonus interest(Interest on Interest) 5.00%
“Achara” Senior Citizen’s Savings 9.00%
“Sashreeka” Women’s Savings 5.25%
Higher Saver Accounts
Description Rate
Account Balance LKR.1,000.00 – LKR.9,999.00 4.50%
Account Balance LKR.1,0000.00 – LKR.2,4999.00 5.50%
Account Balance LKR.2,5000.00 & above 9.00%
Minor’s Savings Account
Description Rate
“Punchi” Minor’s Savings 5.00%
“Punchi Star” Minor’s Savings 6.00%

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