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Normal savings Account

We offer normal savings accounts with the objective of developing the savings habit among our customers. Sri Lankan nationals above the age of 18 years are eligible to open the account. Opening Balance Rs. 1,000/-


A completed account opening form.

A copy of the valid National Identity Card or passport.

Address proof (If not residing in the same place mentioned in NIC)

Features / Benefits:
Account can be opened jointly

You can request for Statement Savings or a Pass Book Savings Account according to your choice

(MBSL hold the rights to change, add or revise any condition and facilities offered for the Account)

For more information please contact the Manager of your nearest MBSL branch or contact our Call Centre: 011 4711711

Minor Savings Account

A minor savings account that offers a higher interest rate with a specially designed for the parents who wish to offer better future for their children.


Birth Certificate of the Child

National Identity card of the parent or Guardian

Address proof (If not residing in the same place mentioned in NIC)

Features/ Benefits Higher Interest:

A higher rate of interest

What happens when the child reaches 18 years?

Accounts will be transferred to Normal savings category automatically at the age of 18 years

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